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Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf ("former iraqi information minister") - alias "Comic Ali" or "Baghdad Bob"
(ehemaliger irakischer Informationsminister)
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  (the "one-and-only" fansite - die bekannteste Fan-site)


Comic Ali's interview on abu dhabi tv 26th june 2003 (Comic Ali's Cisco-Routing A-B-C +++ Comic-Ali hat es in Sachen Cisco-Routing voll drauf: "The American packets will die at the hands of our brave access-lists" ) (Update From the Now Former Iraqi Dis-Information Minister - daily Comic-Ali-Quotes - täglich neue Comic-Ali Kommentare und Nachrichten),,4-2003200897,00.html (Comic Ali's future as a pop-star! Comic-Ali wird Pop-Star!) (Report on new Al Jazeera tape with M.S.S., broadcastet 21th April 2003, recorded 29 th June 2003 ;-) have fun! - Al Jazeera Material mit M.S.S.) (A "Hall-Of-Fames" for M.S.S. - eine Art "Ruhmeshalle"!? ) - site closed (incl. spare-bagdad-bob-petition) (clone'o'matic ;-)) (Humor and news about Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf and others) (Infos, humor, shop) (David Letterman's Top 10 Quotes) - site closed (fun ... fun ... fun) (first "Shock and Awe-Award-Site)


Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf for US-President? - side closed


Comic-Ali for Grimme-Preis!? (supposed "telepolis" - German article)


Comic-Ali for Oscar!? - site closed (Nice Photocollages from
and the complete slide-show concerning war on iraq (Photokollagen und eine Bildershow). (fansite with jokes, top 10 statements etc. - pop-ups!) (croqueweb-soundmachine) (Foto collages with Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf and others) (Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf has a future! with a few career suggestions) (They sell Comic-Ali-t-shirts) ("Official English language site of the esteemed Iraqi Information Ministry") (jokes) (Baghdad Bob's online shop including audio, quotes - online shop inkl. Audio, Statements, Links etc.) (foto-collages) (sells the Iraqi Dis-information Minister Action Figure Doll)
  yahoo al-Sahhaf-Group (audio-gallery)


Quotes of Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf - former Iraqi Information Minister (long quote-list) (Nice Quote-list) (Quote-list) - site closed (Italian Quotes by Corriere della Sera - Il ministro Mohammed Said al Sahhaf) (pop-up!) (article and quotes) (MMS-Quotes from ... O-Tone: >>No, I am not scared and neither should you be! <<) (incl. quote-archive in english and german)


Internet Information-Links (and background-information) about Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf - former Iraqi Information Minister (the moment when Sahhaf realized, that the game is over - report of al bawaba) (BBC's 29/04-2003 report on M.S.S.'s surrender) (Information about the person, biographie, various spellings etc.) (NBC's Tom Brokaw interviewed G.W. Bush and asked about Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf - Bush's reply: "He’s my man, he was great. (Laughter.) Somebody accused us of hiring him and putting him there. He was a classic.") (Al-Bawaba background report on M.S.S. - including statements from his son - practicing in Dublin's Beaumount Hospital) (al ahram weekly finds out, why Mohamed Said al-Sahhaf is so popular) (rhetorical analysis about M.S.S.: is it like "tales from 1001 nights ... is it "cult"? German article) (ABC report on "Sahafomania") - site closed,2828,241835,00.html (German "Manager Magazin" Profile:Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf) (some of his recent gems - with source-links),1518,244283,00.html (German newsmagazinefeature) (BBC-Profile:>> Sahhaf's performance as the country's top diplomat was not nearly as good as that of Tariq Aziz<< Iraqi official ) (country-information from the economist),,30200-1086736,00.html (SkyNews feature)
  Mike Argento - Weblog: "Or perhaps he really, really believes what he’s saying..." (Timothy Noah-Comment on Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf) ( Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf O-Ton incl. Video and WAV-files)
   (Top Ten Things Iraq's Information Minister Has To Say About The War)

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